Hello. I’m Kelly Amber, a creative writing major fresh out of college and Southern California girl born and raised who’s just had her entire world uprooted and replanted in Nashville, Tennessee. My hobbies include reading a never-ending list of novels and comic books, going for long walks, listening to music, playing an absurd amount of Pokémon and getting too emotionally invested in TV shows.

Stories are my passion. Whatever the medium–whether it’s a book or a video game or a show or a podcast or a song–if the story and everything that makes it up (characters, plot, setting, emotion) is solid chances are I’ll consume it like it’s the oxygen I need to breathe. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve longed to be part of a story like the ones I love so much. A story full of adventure, romance, and magic; of good versus evil. Unfortunately, my life isn’t quite that exciting. So I’ll settle for telling stories instead.