Hello. I’m Kelly Amber, a creative writing major fresh out of college and Southern California girl born and raised who’s just had her entire world uprooted and replanted in Nashville, Tennessee. My hobbies include reading a never-ending list of novels and comic books, going for long walks, listening to music, playing an absurd amount of Pokémon, and getting too emotionally invested in an also never-ending list of TV shows.  

Stories are my passion. Whatever the medium–whether it’s a book or a video game or a show or a podcast or a song–if the story and everything that makes it up (characters, plot, setting, emotion) is solid chances are I’ll consume it like it’s the oxygen I need to breathe. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve longed to be part of a story like the ones I love so much. A story full of adventure, romance, and magic; of good versus evil. Unfortunately, my life isn’t quite that exciting. So I’ll settle for telling stories instead.