Town Line Tuesday: 100 Pages

Hey guys! Welcome to a very special Town Line Tuesday. As you may have guessed from the title, I’ve just hit the 100 page mark on the novel. In honor of this landmark I thought I’d share with you all the first page of The Demon of New Salem. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Daphne wakes gasping for breath. She sits up, runs a hand through her messy curls, damp from sweat, and tries to calm her racing heart. Once she catches her breath, she reaches over to turn the bedside lamp on, illuminating a small circle around the motel bed. The digital alarm clock on the nightstand announces that it is just after three A.M. She kicks off the covers and hauls herself out of bed, ignoring the unused dresser in favor of rooting through her duffel bag for a light long-sleeved shirt and running pants. She changes quickly but takes the time to grab the silver throwing knife she keeps under her pillow and secure it to the outside of her leg before slipping quietly out of the motel room into the cold Maine night.


Daphne sets off at a steady pace on the well-worn hiking path that leads into the woods bordering her motel. The trail is deserted and dark this early. The branches overhead block most of the moonlight, and Daphne is grateful for her nighttime navigation training.

Demon. A rough male voice whispers in her head. She picks up the pace. Dark brown eyes flash before her own. The fresh smell of pine and impending snowfall fades, replaced by the sharp scent of whiskey and gunpowder. Daphne runs faster. Invisible hands claw at her; calloused fingers close around her throat. She’s full on sprinting now, the forest fading as fragmented images rise before her: streaming sunlight, shattered glass, the glint of gunmetal. Still the hands around her throat cling to her, closing tighter. Just when she can’t run for lack of air, a gunshot echoes in her ears. The phantom hands let go.

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