Town Line Tuesday: SupernaturalsOnly

In honor of Valentine’s day, I thought it would be fun to create a fake dating profile for Daphne. This ended up being way more involved than I originally imagined and I might go back and edit this at a later date (it’d be awesome if I could somehow get artwork for a profile pic at some point) but for now, enjoy!



“First impressions are everything, you can learn a lot about someone by their handshake alone.”

Occupation: Classified

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Height: 5′ 5″

Hair: Black, curly

Eyes: Purple

Ethnicity: White

Species: ???

Religion: Met a few gods, they’re all assholes

Seeking: Anyone ages 20-30, attracted to souls not bodies

Hobbies: Running, knife throwing, traveling, meeting new people

Pet Peeves: When people don’t listen to warnings from those who know more about the future than they do. And decaf coffee, what’s even the point?


I believe in love at first touch. I also believe in hate at first touch. I’m looking for something in between. I’ve done the whole love at first touch thing before and found that it’s not worth the baggage and heartbreak that comes with it. I want someone who can make me laugh and who I can hold intelligent conversations with. I’m looking for something fun with no strings or instant emotional attachments; I want to get to know you the human way: one date at a time. And if that leads to love, well, I guess that makes it fate after all.

An interesting tidbit about me that not very many people know is that I can speak any language…as long as that language is your language. I’m a people person, I love meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds and I know how to get along with almost anyone. Animals don’t like me but I’m good with kids. I like movies and Netflix just as much as the next person but I’m more of an athletic, outdoorsy type. I love to go for long runs and I de-stress by practicing my hand-to-hand skills. Message me if you think your sparring skills are up to par.






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