Town Line Tuesday: The Demon of New Salem

Happy New Year! Do you guys have any resolutions for the New Year? My New Years resolution is definitely to post more regularly and to be more diligent in writing The Demon of New Salem. On that note, welcome to the first Town Line Tuesday of 2018! For this first post in the New Year I thought I’d share with you my work-in-progress summary of The Demon of New Salem. Hope you enjoy.

New Salem is the last safe haven for humankind. At least that’s what it says on the welcome marker at the town line that separates New Salem from the outside world. The same town line that protects the town from the demons and monsters that plague the rest of the world. Or it used to. Now, all the rules that once governed New Salem are being tested as people start dying and all the evidence points toward the involvement of demons and angels.

They say you can’t go home again and no one knows this better than Daphne Pendragon. Not quite human with her purple eyes and her unique ability to see into a person’s soul with a single touch, Daphne fled the prejudices of New Salem the first chance she got and never looked back. But when the vigilante organization focused on keeping peace between humans and Supernaturals to which Daphne belongs gets wind of the influx of seemingly supernatural murders in New Salem—including that of Adam Montgomery, Daphne’s adoptive father—Daphne must face her past and return home.

Daphne must get to the bottom of what’s going on in New Salem in order to find closure for the death of the man who once saved her life. But it won’t be easy; she’ll have to face not only old memories and old hatreds that she thought she had long since buried or left behind, but also the suspicion of Spencer Montgomery—Adam’s son—who is determined to solve the case himself. Of course, there’s also the fact that Daphne keeps seeing her dead partner everywhere she looks. And when Spencer is taken by the same forces that killed his father, Daphne will have to make a choice that could change New Salem forever.

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