Kelly Amber’s Top 5 TV Shows

Hi there! So last week I came down with a nasty cold and although I tried to keep up with my posts, trying to write while sick is a bit like herding cats where the cats are my creative ideas, cohesive thoughts, and motivation/creative energy; the moment I got one under control another one went running off in its own direction. But I’m pretty much recovered now so I thought I’d post something simple that would let you get to know me a little better. So without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite TV shows (most of these are off the air so I shouldn’t have to worry about spoilers but I’ll do my best to avoid them anyway)



#5 Sense8

I’ve watched and wholeheartedly loved so many shows over the years that I wavered back and forth over what shows belonged on this list for a while but I think, from a sheer writing standpoint, I would be remiss to not include this Netflix original. Sense8 is about a group of eight individuals from vastly different backgrounds whose minds have become inextricably linked and who are forced to learn how to navigate this new bond between them when a powerful organization bent on destroying people like them begins to hunt them down. Featuring a driver in Nairobi struggling to earn money to pay for his mother’s HIV/AIDS medication, the badass kickboxing daughter of a prominent businessman in Seoul, a university-educated Hindu woman working as a pharmacist in Mumbai, a transgender woman hacker in San Francisco, a closeted actor in Mexico City, an Icelandic DJ in London, a criminal in Berlin, and a Chicago police officer, Sense8 offers one of the most diverse casts of characters I’ve seen in American television. The way the mental and emotional bond that spans continents and connects characters that have never met face-to-face is visually presented in this series is stunning and the ways in which each character’s strengths and weaknesses balance each other out is truly a work of art. As a writer I am in love with this show’s entire concept and with the amount of love and patience that went into developing the complexities of these characters. I recommend this show to anyone who loves character-driven shows and who doesn’t mind the occasional semi-graphic sex scene (it’s not the first season of Game of Thrones but it’s not exactly PG or even PG-13 either).




#4 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I am a huge fan of pretty much all of Joss Whedon’s major early works. While not on this list, Firefly is a classic and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog was the best thing to come out of the 2007-2008 writers strike. I even enjoyed the rather unsuccessful Angel and Dollhouse TV shows. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, however, is the series that first sparked my love of the Whedonverse and it remains my favorite of his works. I mean, what’s not to love about a super-powered girl slaying monsters and saving the world with her gang of loveable friends? So if you love strong female characters and supernatural creatures such as demons and vampires as much as I do and you somehow haven’t already binged Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I highly recommend it.




#3 Avatar the Last Airbender

I’m sure every generation says this but I grew up with the best cartoons. I had gems like Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, Catscratch, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Teen Titans, to name a few of my personal favorites, but by far the best one was Avatar the Last Airbender. Following the adventures of a twelve-year-old boy and his friends as he learns to master his powers over air, water, earth and fire in order to defeat an evil dictator intent on conquering the world, Avatar the Last Airbender is fantastic whether you’re ten or twenty-three. If you love lighthearted adventures, superpowers mixed with martial arts, sarcasm, and flying bison or are looking for a show you can enjoy watching with your kids, Avatar the Last Airbender is a great choice. If you like Avatar the Last Airbender and are looking for more bending shenanigans, The Legend of Korra—the sequel series to Avatar the Last Airbender—is almost as good and, in my opinion, lives up to the standards set by its predecessor in a way few sequels manage to do.



#2 Supernatural

Ok, let me just say that this one is somewhat of a guilty favorite. I know, objectively, that it is far from the best TV on the air today but I think the fact that this show has survived thirteen seasons says something about how this story about two brothers fighting monsters resonates with its fans and it gets the number two slot for the childlike enthusiasm I feel every time a new episode airs. Personally, I’m not sure if it’s the ever-evolving lore and supernatural enemies that keep me hooked, or maybe it’s the amazingly dedicated and creative fan base that produces the best artwork and writing inspired by a TV show that keeps my love for this show strong but I do know that as long as Misha Collins, who plays my all-time favorite character Castiel, remains on this show I will be tuning in every Thursday night for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure how recommendable this show is but if you like monster-hunting brothers, angst, death, amazing fandoms, angels learning how to human, more angst and more death and you’ve somehow got the time to binge thirteen twenty-episode-seasons you should check it out.



#1 Psych

Fake psychics, super-sniffing sidekicks, ridiculous one-liners, blueberries and hidden pineapples what’s not to love? Nothing. The answer is nothing. As anyone who knows me knows, Psych is my all time favorite TV show. Formatted like a procedural crime show that refuses to take itself seriously, Psych is about Shawn Spencer, a man with photographic memory who pretends to be psychic and solves crimes (usually murders) for the Santa Barbara Police Department with the help of his best friend Gus. This show is quirky and hilarious and you will never have more fun watching detectives solve murders as you will watching Shawn and Gus fumble and sometimes even competently navigate around a crime scene. Plus, most episodes have a pineapple hidden somewhere in the background so you can test your own “psychic” detective skills. Basically, this is the best feel-good show of all time and I wish I could say you could binge all eight seasons of it on Netflix but unfortunately it was removed about a year ago. If you can find it, Psych is my recommendation for anyone who likes to smile. (Heck, if you find it on any of the major streaming sites let me know. I miss these dorks)


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