Lucky Part 2

Author’s Note: Hi! Here’s the second and final part of Lucky. Enjoy!

If you missed Part 1

“@$%#&^?” I sit up. New Person is awake. Mom is still gone.

“#@%&*^!$!” I sigh. New People always make so much noise when they wake up.

“!@$#%^*&%$^&#*@!” New Person is getting louder and louder. Her noises are higher and screechier too. I put my paws over my ears. Stop! Stop! Stop!


“Stop! Mom’s not here! Stop!” I beg her. I don’t know if she hears. She does stop after a while.


Mom’s home! “Mom! Mom! Mom! You’re back! New Person is so loud! Mom!”

“&%$#@! Lucky!” Mom scratches me. She looks over at No-Lucky Room. “@$!%@#%%&#&*&@!?”

New Person hasn’t made any noise in a while. She doesn’t now either. I give Mom Look to make her forget New Person.


“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” New Person is making Bad Noise again. I watch closed No-Lucky Room door. Mom went in there forever ago.

“@%#%&” New Person makes a begging noise. Mom never makes any noise in No-Lucky Room.

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Back to Bad Noise. New People are weird. Mom is Best Human Ever and they get all her attention. They should be happy.


After a while, New People stop making noise when Mom isn’t home. New Person is same. I forget she is there until Mom comes home.

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” Mom gives me a pat and goes straight to No-Lucky Room.


I wake up when Bad Noise stops. Door to No-Lucky Room opens. Mom staggers out of No-Lucky Room. She rubs her eyes and stumbles upstairs.

Mom forgot to close No-Lucky Room Door. I sniff at opening. It smells…

Upstairs I hear sound of water. Mom is bathing herself. I turn back to No-Lucky Room. I know smell. What is smell?  I follow nose into No-Lucky Room and downstairs.

I know smell. Smell is taste of Time I Caught Rabbit. Smell is taste of Time I Got Thorn in Paw. Salty and Tangy. Blood.

Human leashed to wall is covered in blood.

My fur bristles. Tail goes still. New Person’s head is drooped in Leash. I push nose against New Person’s face. New Person does not wake.

“Lucky!” Mom is angry. Drop into crouch and lower head. Tail hides under legs. “Bad Dog! @#%$!” She charges at me. Run.

Upstairs. Out of No-Lucky Room. To bed in corner. Lay down. Head low. Tail lower.

Mom comes out of No-Lucky Room and closes door. She looks at me.

Head lower. “Sorry.” Whimper.

“Stay.” She orders.



“Lucky?” She’s home. Slink back to bed in corner.

“Lucky.” She sighs. She moves toward me. Scooch backward. Lower head.

She slows, crouching to make herself smaller. “Lucky. @#^%!%#$” She makes soothing noises. She holds out a hand to smell.

Sniff slow. Careful. Mom!

“#$@% Lucky.” Mom continues to make soothing noises. Tail thumps once. Kiss hand. Mom makes a happy sound and happy face.

Mom! Mom! Mom! I jump into Mom’s arms. Tail wags. Kiss Mom’s face.  Mom smells so good!

“$^!*&#@% Walk Lucky?”

Walk? Walk! Oh boy oh boy! Ohboyohboyohboy!

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