Lucky Part 1

Author’s Note: First Fiction post on Words Become Her! Real quick, a few things before we dive into the story. This piece is part one of a short story I wrote for an experimental fiction class I took my last semester of college; there are two parts total and I will post part two within the next couple of days. What’s experimental fiction? Experimental fiction is essentially any work of fiction that breaks away from traditional storytelling forms whether in structure, point of view, language, etc. (for example, one girl in my class wrote a story in the form of a word search). While I much prefer to stick to traditional storytelling techniques, experimental fiction is a really great way for writers to push the boundaries of their comfort zones and break free of the usual rules of writing and I definitely had a lot of fun writing this piece. 

Oh boy oh boy! Mom’s home! Oh boy! Ohboyohboyohboy! I run to Outside Door as it opens.

“Mom! Mom!” I jump up to give her a kiss.

“&%$#@! Lucky! &%$ Good boy!” Mom makes happy noises at me, leaning down to scratch behind my ears and down my back.

I wriggle closer. So good! Sogood! Tail thumps against ground, as happy as I am. I give Mom more kisses, big wet ones on her face that make her make more happy noises and move her scratching to my belly. I stop kissing her and obediently roll over. Yes! Yes! Yes! Right there! So good! Mom stops scratching and stands up.

“Don’t stop! Why’d you stop?” I roll over and give her Look. Look that always gets me extra treats.

“$^!*&#@% Walk Lucky?”

Walk? Walk! Oh boy! Oh boy! I race to Outside Door.  Mom snaps Leash onto Collar and I bolt outside as soon as she opens Outside Door.


Mom undoes Leash and I follow her to Food Room.

“Sit Lucky.” I obey. Mom pours food into my bowl. Food! Oh boy! I shove my nose into my bowl when Mom moves out of the way.

Mom scratches my ears. “%@#! Lucky.” Tail thumps. I continue to eat. So good!

Outside Door opens and closes. I sit up. Mom? Food forgotten, I run back to Outside Door in time to hear Mom’s Beast-Thing wake up, back its way out of Yard and run down Street. 

“Mom!” I whine. Where’d she go? I miss her.


Mom’s Home! “Mom! Where’d you go? I missed you! Mo—” I stop. Mom’s not alone. She’s got her arm around another female human, her face buried in New Person’s neck. Mom and New Person smell funny.  I do not like that smell. “Mom.” I whimper.

“%@! Dog!” New Person is looking right at me and she’s making same face Mom makes when she’s happy.

Mom looks up at me. “Lucky! Bed!” She points at my bed. Tail hides between my legs as I obey. Mom always lets me sleep in her bed but never when she brings New People. I don’t like it when she brings New People home.

Mom and New Person stumble upstairs together.


Tail thumps happy on Food Room floor. Yes! Yes! Yes! New Person has found best scratching spot on belly. New Person is not so bad. Some New People ignore me and try to steal Mom.

Mom sets food and drink in front of New Person. I sniff. Bacon? Bacon! I sit up and give New Person Look.

“@#$#%!” She coos at me and holds out some bacon. Bacon! I grab it before she can take it back. So good! I give New Person a kiss as reward. 

“@$^*&%#!” Mom makes noises at New Person.

“&%#!@$^*” New Person returns to Mom. New Person drinks.

Mom sits across from New Person with her own food and drink. I know Look for bacon won’t work with Mom. I lay down and ignore human noises.

New Person starts to get sleepy. I see her wobble. New People always fall asleep while eating. New People are silly that way. Mom has sense not to sleep when eating.

New Person falls to floor by me. I sniff at her. Silly New Person.

Mom stands and nudges me away. Mom lifts sleeping New Person to her feet. She puts New Person’s arm around her shoulder and puts her own around New Person’s middle to carry her. I follow Mom to No-Lucky Room.

Mom opens door to No-Lucky Room. “Sit! Stay!” Mom orders. I obey.

Mom returns without New Person. She closes door to No-Lucky Room and scratches me between the ears. “Good boy.”


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